Life in the City Residences

A modern interpretation of Salmani architecture with sense of community and excellent quality of life

Overlooking the City’s stunning lower wadi and the dense palm farms at Wadi Hanifah, the Residences provide luxury villas, twin homes, townhouses and apartments in a unique urban living and sustainable environment

Spanning 332,000 square meters, the residential district will be a sociable and interconnected community with a smart mobility network, high-quality urban spaces, lush landscape, parks, social hubs, gathering plazas, shaded pathways, playground areas, and sport activities.

A place to call home, the City’s Residences will be a close-knit community — a truly humancentered and pedestrian-friendly neighborhood with every aspect designed to enrich your living experience.

A new way to live

This attractive residential neighborhood is arranged over 332,000 square meters of Mohammed Bin Salman Nonprofit City,

designed to celebrate a modern interpretation of Salmani Architecture. In an elevated position on the eastern side of the city, it’s a place to enjoy stunning views over the city’s parkland and to the iconic Riyadh skyline beyond.

The attraction of this district goes further than aesthetics. It’s been designed as a sustainable community, promoting local services and eco-conscious journeys, by offering all amenities at your doorstep and building in green ideas from the start. From easy pedestrian networks, delightful parks and plazas that offer sociable — as well as spending — opportunities. The first Residential District has it all.

High quality urban spaces

Inspiring architecture and superb accommodation creates the perfect place to call home.

Generous green spaces

A city designed around green spaces, enjoy lush landscaped parks on your doorstep.

Gathering plazas and shaded walkways

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Playgrounds and sports facilities

Play, explore, and exercise in the playgrounds and sports facilities.

Childcare and community facilities

From excellent childcare providers to superb health centres, you’ll have all the facilities you need.

The City’s first residential district

This is the City’s first residential district, created in partnership with leading developers Kinan to meet international standards.

Misk The City Residences will redefine urban living by providing residents with a sustainable environment, strong community spirit, and better quality of life. Containing over 500 villas, twin homes and townhouses and 340 high-end apartments in a human-centered district with smart mobility – for a truly 15-minute city experience.